What we can do

Technology can promote higher-quality, safer operations, production efficiency, accurate metrics, and greater margins.



Production, Inventory Management, BOM, Warehouse Management, Planning, CRM, Sales, Purchasing, Human Resources, Finance, Accounting

quality management

Quality Management

CAPA, Device Master Records (DMRs), Design History Files (DHFs), Training records, Supplier Qualification

Safety Management

Risk Assessment, Incident Tracking, Actions, Worksite Inspection, Employee Training & Qualification 

Data Analytics & Reporting

Dashboards, Predictive, Actionable Insights, Scorecards & Metrics, Real-time Reporting 

edge computing

Edge Computing

Automation and intelligence



Connected equipment and sensors

Automation and Integration

Accuratica understands how to improve your productivity for smarter, faster and more advanced manufacturing. Our consultants help you align your operating model with modern technology bringing solutions that empower your teams and management to deliver new business outcomes.