Interim CxO is an outsourcing strategy that is used to staff a project and respond to the business objectives. Accuratica specialized in staffing only the most talented CxO-level professionals to help your business succeed.

What Is An Staff Augmentation Interim CxO
And Why Do I Need One?

Sometimes you need new technology leadership in your company. Either because your CIO (Chief Information Officer) or CTO (Chief Technology Officer) roles are vacant or you need new project-based executive expertise to position your business in the 21st Century. New eyes to see far deep, new approach to resolve your company’s toughest challenges.

That’s exactly what the Interim CxO does. S/He is a dedicated professional, reporting directly to your executive leadership, equipped with sound experience and world-class processes supported by technology industry leaders. It’s a person that will help drive your company’s growth through the efficient and effective use of technology.

Accuratica can provide an Interim CxO for your company faster than you think. Hiring a CIO or CTO usually takes several months. It’s a costly process that spans six to nine months just to find one available in the market. Add to it four to six months just to on-board the new professional. It’s a twelve to fourteen months process. Longer and costlier than having a baby. Only then the new executive will start beginning to understand what your company is and what challenges s/he may face.

Driving Change To Your Business

With the growth of new technologies over the last 5 years and market demanding pressures for excellence, the roles of CIO and CTO have shifted dramatically. To a distant executive enclosed in his/her office to an active professional deeply involved in Digital Transformation, having in mind that it’s not a new IT project, but is the center of business strategy. In order to succeed today, you must be fearless about preparing and transforming for the future.

Digital fear is paralyzing. Change and transformation are within reach of every business, small or large. You just need the right Interim CxO – a change agent – helping your company in this journey. A professional out of his/her office talking to people in your company and learning from customer feedback.

Avoid Delays And
Technology Leadership Gaps

We can bring the talent that helps your business grow.

What Keeps You Up At Night?

Your company’s strategy for success depends on your CIO or CTO’s ability to deliver technology solutions that create real competitive advantages for the company. When you don’t have the right talent, or your technology leadership is focused only in maintaining the operations, you just do not sleep.

The Interim CxO is a courageous leader with a different mindset: bring innovation, maintain a safe technology platform for business growth, bring the right talent to the teams, simplify whatever is complicated, and build solid trusted relationships.

Today, many companies are struggling to embrace technologies and tools that help them make better business decisions, such as moving to the cloud, implementing a more efficient system, or redesigning core business processes, integrating existing systems, and so on. 

Our Interim CxOs provide your company with the right technologies, your teams with new tools to improve their functions, to make them shine as well as your company.

Accuratica’s Interim CxOs help you align your business operating model with modern technology principles bringing innovative solutions that empower your teams to deliver new business outcomes.