About Accuratica

Born To Be Wild

Accuratica’s mission → making your business grow by delivering premium technology consulting with improved and tested solutions provided by industry leaders, and the best talent.

Self-funded, with a team of outsourced consultants with a rock-solid background in many industries from all over the world, our purpose is to be an on-demand one-stop-shop solution for all your toughest business challenges that only technology can help resolve.

We hire near-shore. Nearshoring → a type of outsourcing that involves working with autonomous consultants located in Latin America and other parts of the world, may help your company to develop custom software without hiring permanent talent.

By choosing Accuratica for your next project, you will have access and work with creative and talented professionals, improving your productivity and performance at low cost.

What We Do

We are a new and innovative technology consulting firm. We deliver expertise, objective insights, a bespoke approach and unparalleled collaboration to help companies confidently face their future. The consulting and solutions we bring inter-cross your critical business challenges. We like to think of ourselves as a digital transformation business for businesses. For us, the consulting activity is a rapid and radical way of learning that builds relevance for our loved customers.

We employ a set of improved methods for everybody involved in the transformation process to quickly learn while delivering changes that lead to sustainable results.

Why We Do It

Our rich professional knowledge is built on hard work in many industries and many countries. As passionate consultants, we accompanied the inception, development and dissemination of microcomputers, networking and software industries since 1985 to this very day. The love, depth of knowledge + understanding + experience offer many benefits to both our clients in the U.S. and our technology partners around the globe.

The main differences between Accuratica and other companies are that we love what we do and every customer is family.

How We Do It

We are committed to nurturing the values of strong ethics, collaboration and customer-first orientation. As an organization, we strongly believe that by teaming together with our customers, we can see beyond the surface of changes and problems and we strive to discover opportunities others might miss to face the future with greater confidence.

Our Values

We are very proud to be a combination of technology expertise and strong values:

  • Trustworthiness
  • Respect
  • Responsibility
  • Fairness, and
  • Unconditional caring for our customers, collaborators, and providers

We create business value and growth by empowering people with intelligent technologies and the skills necessary to use them effectively and efficiently.