Do you know of a person, company
or project that could use our help?


Introduce us to someone that could benefit from our knowledge and experience, and you will be eligible for a substantial cash reward.

If your referral becomes a new client, we will pay you up to 10% of the project cost (*1). Not only that, the company you referred will get a 10% discount incentive (*2).

It’s a win-win outcome, where everyone comes away very very happy!

Frequent Asked Questions

You can voluntarily refer Accuratica to a known person, company or project to start a new project with Accuratica. The referral is made only through a Referral Form (this page). If the referee becomes an Accuratica client by signing a contract and start paying Accuratica, the referrer (you) will be eligible for payments once your referrals have been paying. Once you are eligible for payment, you will receive an email notification to provide a W-9 form with your tax information and provide a valid bank account information in order to receive the Referral Fees. The payment will be deposited in your bank account after the referee payments are cleared.

All involed parties in this program benefit financially – the referrer, the referee, and Accuratica. The referrer receives a 10% Referral Fee, the referee receives 10% discount Incentives, and Accuratica sells its Services and Solutions.

As a referrer of the Referral Program, you can earn for every new client that signs a contract with Accuratica and starts a new project, you can earn up to 10% of the of the project’s net total cost of services (invoice value less taxes, materials, and any extraordinary expenses).

No. The territory is limited to the geographic region where Accuratica provide services – the State of Florida.

You can refer any person, company, or project that has not previously had any business encounter with Accuratica and is not currently a customer of Accuratica. Government officials, government owned or -controlled entities and any of their employees, political parties and candidates cannot be referred.

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    10% Referral Fee(*1) and 10% Incentives(*2) – Please click here to read the Referral Program Terms and Conditions.