Accuratica offers exclusive consulting services to help small and medium companies develop and execute winning strategies. In an era of challenges and uncertainty, strategy is more important than ever.

What Is Technology Strategy
And Why It Matters?

Our consultants deliver a master plan on how to use technology in your company with your resources to accomplish business goals. We create the right strategy, develop the solution, deliver it in production, measure the results, and provide technical support and maintenance. It can be focused in one function or area of your company, a branch, or the entire organization. The right technology strategy:

  • Focus on new business, new revenue and market activation
  • Delivers new ways to work using better insights and responsive operations
  • Helps achieve constant innovation and create value

Aligned With Your Business

A strong strategy provides a detailed blueprint of how technology supports your organization’s business strategy. Such detailed plan primarily focuses on the implementation and deployment of the technologies themselves, but it also focuses on the people who directly manage and use those technologies. Ideally, the technology strategy supports your projects taking into consideration the needs and wants of your key stakeholders, including employees, customers and business partners.

Technology challenges the way your company coordinates your business processes, communicate with existing and potential customers, and deliver your products and services.

There is no magic formula to help align technology and business, but there are tools to help them navigate together to meet expectations and goals. Strategy. When you have your business strategy complemented by the right technology strategy they both work together with perfect synergy. In this scenario, your company structures lean towards breaking silos, decentralizing resources, shifting them closer to end-users, and improving customer experience.


Accuratica developed an effective methodology for creating a custom-made technology strategy aligned with your business. Easy as 1—2—3.


Our consultants gather information about your business (1-4) weeks depending on the size of your organization, industry specifics, and other parameters.



A findings report is presented to your top stakeholders for discussion. The main business opportunities are discovered and discussed, then the master plan for technology in your company is designed and presented.

implementation phase icon


The strategy is implemented and the technology is deployed. The business results are measured and the plan is fine-tuned to maximize outcomes.


Major Outcomes

The synergy between business and technology through strategy in your company allows you to approach the competitor chain in a considerable different way: 

  • Increased profitability
  • Better customer experience
  • Improved collaboration
  • Faster time-to-market
  • Strategic technological transformation
  • Greater industry and technology agility

Our consultants help you align your business operating model with modern technology principles bringing solutions that empower your teams to deliver new business outcomes.