COVID-19 pandemic forced many enterprises to adopt the work from home approach. Accuratica can advise on the best migration approach for your company from your current environment to the Google Cloud Platform and Google Workspace. Our improved approach provides you a secure and smooth path to the cloud.

Migrate With Confidence

We can help you move data, applications or other business elements to a secure cloud computing environment. The immediate benefits of moving to the cloud are:

  • Efficiency / Cost Reduction

    You see, you don’t have to spend huge amounts of money purchasing and maintaining equipment. And you don’t even need specialized technicians to handle your cloud data center operations, as you can enjoy the expertise of your cloud provider’s staff.

  • Data Security

    One of the biggest concerns of every business is the security of its data. Breaches and cyber-crimes can destroy a company’s revenue, customer loyalty and brand positioning.

  • Scalability

    When your business grow, you can easily increase the capacity of your storage without having to purchase new physical infrastructure.

  • Mobility

    Resources in the cloud can be easily stored, retrieved, recovered, or processed from anywhere, everywhere.

  • Disaster Recovery

    Welcome to Florida! A land of hurricanes, tornadoes, and other major weather nightmares for any business owner. The cloud provides quick and easy data recovery for all kinds of emergency scenarios – from simple power outages to natural disasters.

  • Access Control

    Total control over sensitive data is vital to any organization. Cloud enables you track over all data accesses so you can have total visibility of what is going on with your digital assets.

Are You Ready To Go To The Cloud?

To free-up IT resources, lower operational costs, reduce business risks, improve productivity, increase speed and business agility? You can count with our experience, improved methodology, tools, and services.

migrating to the cloud

Above all, migrating to the cloud will help you improve business agility and time to market while reducing operational costs and TCO. So you can discover new possibilities and opportunities.

Accuratica can help you drive the transformation your company need by delivering positive impact to your clients and collaborators.