A leading cause of death in the US: Medical Errors

Providing outstanding healthcare does not depend on clinicians alone, or pharmaceutical innovations, or sophisticated medical equipment. Nowadays it depends on technologies that meet patients’ needs while keeping internal processes running smoothly and securely.

Millions of medical mistakes happen every year and account for thousands of avoidable deaths, a great deal of patient suffering, and millions of dollars in losses. 

The pandemic years

Let’s not talk about the future of healthcare systems. In the last few years the healthcare industry faced important operational and financial challenges. The pandemic just added new challenges that only technology could mitigate or resolve. A shift toward ambulatory and virtual care are just a few of the emerging trends (or realities).

The cybersecurity attacks and the 2020 pandemic unveiled how vulnerable sensitive PHI (Patient Health Information) really is. It has never been so important to protect digital assets and connected medical devices from attacks. At the same time, ensuring that clinical documentation is accurately captured from a medical record became essential for effective health system’s profitability and the correct patient outcome.

Shifting paradigms

Healthcare organizations of any size must create new digital healthcare experiences to help patients feel more cared and informed.

Only a few years back, organizations started experimenting in the public cloud. Now their main aspiration is on migrating all legacy systems to the cloud to benefit from new technologies that were not available in their existing infrastructure solutions, such as Artificial Intelligence and Data Analytics.

New medical jargon

  • Internet of Medical Things (IoMT)
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Edge Computing
  • Cybersecurity
  • Digital Homecare
  • Telehealth
  • EHRs Interoperability
  • Data Analytics
  • Patient Flow
  • Patient Experience
  • Legal & Regulatory compliance

Prescription for success

Accuratica can provide the right digital transformation that helps you lower your administrative costs and minimize costly errors while improving stellar patient experience.

Our consultants can handle everything you need to improve your operations so you can focus on the delivery of the best patient care possible.