COVD-19 Business Overhaul. The right technology strategy plan can help you navigate the pandemic waters and position your business to thrive.

Post-covid-19 reopening

Keeping Safe

First of all, as we all manage our way through a pandemic, on behalf of Accuratica, we hope that you and your families are safe and well. We stand committed to our customers, consultants, and technology partners, and the wider community who are leading through the crisis with speed and agility — building the foundations for our new future.

In 2020, technology was in demand more than ever. In the years to come, even more. The COVID-19 crisis has reignited the need for new technology, more and more collaboration, creativity, with bold strategic guidance. In times of crisis, your company must respond to the changing needs of consumers, which is why we are helping business to prepare for the post-COVID-19 world.


The world is not going to be the same anymore. And so do your business.

While some theorists offer enthusiastic predictions for life beyond the COVID-19 pandemic, the truth of the matter is that nobody has a crystal ball, nobody really knows. In fact, consumers have adopted new attitudes and behaviors during the lock-down. However we cannot really be certain which of these will remain in the years to come. What we have seen is that for companies to respond to these changing needs, act upon insights and thrive in a volatile environment, more technology, more collaboration and more creativity are required.

In these challenging times, it’s easy to fall back on a ‘fight or flight’ response mode that narrows your business focus. Accuratica, as a technology consulting firm encourages organizations like yours to open up to new ideas and opportunities, by providing access to a new and continuous pool of technology services and solutions, fresh ideas and guidance.

Working with external technology consultants provides the wonderful opportunity to unlock ideas that are not immediately apparent to internal stakeholders yet do tap into highly relevant consumer frictions or needs. In addition, bringing in a diverse group of problem solvers, often only found outside an organization, avoids homogeneity and bias.

Reopening. Continuing.

As we plan for a safe reopening of the workplace while navigating the complexities of the COVID-19 pandemic, organizations are balancing immediate and long-term needs in order to protect employees and ensure business continuity.

The right technology strategy for reopening:

  • Focus on new business, new revenue and market activation.
  • Delivers new ways to work using better insights and responsive operations.
  • Helps achieve constant innovation and create value.

A strong strategy plan provides a detailed blueprint of how technology should support your organization’s business strategy. Such blueprint primarily focus on the implementation and deployment of the technologies themselves, but it also focus on the people who directly manage and use those technologies. Ideally, the technology strategy supports your business projects and take into consideration the needs and wants of your key stakeholders, including employees, customers and business partners.


Technology challenges the way your company coordinate your business processes, communicate with your customers and potential customers, and deliver your products and services.


There is no magic formula to help align technology and business, but there are tools to help them navigate together to meet expectations and measurable goals. Strategy. When you have your business strategy complemented by the right technology strategy they both work together with perfect synergy. In this scenario, company structures lean towards breaking silos, decentralizing resources, shifting them closer to end-users, and improving customer experience.

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We have experience creating technology strategies that can help your business grow.

How It Works

During the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s best to begin thinking about what has not changed – your mission and values. Everything else has changed, and most likely affected your business right now. You may be asking yourself… Are changes needed due to on-line shopping? For B2B sales, will the personal sales call with one or more physical encounters work as well this year? Can today’s sales people be as effective in a social-distancing environment? Is a new approach to sales training needed? A second wave or a vaccine will change everything on a short period of time? All these questions need urgent answers. The strategic planning discussion is a good time to think about how to better prepare your business, further changes, the return to a new normal, and building flexibility into your systems. 

Accuratica developed an effective methodology for helping business like yours by creating a custom-made technology strategy plan aligned with your business needs. It’s a very simple, yet effective process.

Step 1: Take The COVID-19 Survey

First we need to know your industry, size, and the main challenges you are facing in order to determine if our services can help your business. It’s a simple form that you fill out online. The more details you provide the better. It’s completely free, with no strings attached.

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Step 2: Discovery Call

The purpose of the discovery call is primarily to gather more information from your business to determine your pain points, priorities, and goals so we can effectively service you and help you succeed.

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Step 3: Strategy/Action Plan

Accuratica then creates a comprehensive findings report with different analysis and an actionable plan with clear directions for the implementation phase. It may take one to four weeks. 

Step 4: Implementation

The strategy is implemented and the technology projects are deployed in one or more projects. The business results are measured and the plan is fine-tuned to maximize outcomes.

Main Benefits

  • Awareness of what position your business can attain during and after the pandemic
  • The course of action pointing the way to the position you hope to attain in order to continue existing
  • Be prepared for culture and identity changes as a result of the pandemic
  • Awareness of what new projects do you need to launch, run, and coordinate to overcome the challenges
  • Employ technology as a tool for success during these difficult times


Accuratica consultants help you align your business operating model with modern technology principles bringing solutions that empower your teams to deliver new business outcomes.


Let us unlock the potential you already have.