Make This Year Matter

new year's resolutions

Now it’s time to turn the page on 2020 for good. Just don’t delete the lessons learned from the pandemic and the US elections.

👋 At Accuratica we’re making big plans and setting goals for the new year ahead just like you are doing right now. There’s no better way to stay active and accountable than to do with the use of new technologies and solutions for your business immediate needs. And not just continuing in passive mode, but creating new value and relevance for your business — the things that really matter to your company — from automating repetitive tasks and working remotely with intelligent cloud applications to selling online. All necessary to better service your loved clients while reducing costs.

What’s your dream for 2021, and how can Accuratica make it happen?

We make it simple and affordable for you.

Hundreds of businesses just like yours are starting new projects to create what matters most — getting ready for the near future. 

Personal Note, End Of Year Appeal


Towards the end of December we hold our fundraiser campaign to help end of the year in the black.

This has been a challenging year. There is no doubt that the devastation brought on by COVID-19 has hit each and every one of us in some way. At Accuratica we felt charged to light a candle in this darkness. We focused on quality over quantity, and increased in acts of goodness, care and above all friendship for every collaborator and volunteering to help struggling small business that now can count with us to continue existing.

Obviously, we need your help more than ever. Even though the income has dropped substantially, yet the expenses were almost the same as always (rent, monthly payments, software licenses, hosting, etc.).

As we approach the end of the fiscal year, we ask that you partner with us by donating to our End of Year Appeal. We know that many of you are struggling financially, so anything you give will be greatly appreciated.


Embracing Change Through Microservices

application building blocks

Microservices can help small and medium businesses like yours to create new capabilities and value at light speed. First we need to understand what is this mythical entity — microservice — and why you should know about it.

Whereas there are many good definitions of what microservices are, we prefer to define them taking into consideration the most practical business aspects rather than theoretical or technical ones. A microservices architecture is a pattern of software development where instead of writing one large monolithic application or “block” of code, developers create smaller independent and easily reusable pieces to perform the same functions. Each piece — a microservice — contains all the code, interfaces, data or links to the data necessary to execute a particular function or small set of functions, such as updating a customer’s phone number or address.

Self-contained and ready to use and reuse, they can be plugged into a wide array of new or existing applications, inside or even outside your company.  Microservices give you hundreds of good reasons to like them a lot. One special reason is that they do play very well with other services.

Developers looking to utilize a microservice don’t need to know how it works, what programming language it is built on, where its data is stored, or what the internal software logic looks like. They just need to connect to that microservice through its application programming interface (API) — and use the service to perform the functions they need. Amazing, isn’t it?


Implementing well-designed microservices (and APIs) are essential to a microservice system. In such application, the services form atomic building blocks from which entire systems are built. By getting the right design, scope, and granularity of a service you’ll be able to promote complex behavior from a set of simple components. Needless to say, any good systems design starts with good requirements gathering and analysis. 


Successful companies do not focus on increasing software delivery speed or reducing costs for its own sake. They are compelled by the changes in their business, marketing changes, unexpected changes such as a pandemic or other major disasters.



The immediate benefits of having a microservice architecture are:

  • High speed of change — you can add or modify business functionalities very fast
  • Safety of change — changes are often the cause of software errors. Small pieces of code are easier to troubleshoot and fix than a large block of code

Whether you are a small or medium business you should know that by investing on a microservices architecture can position your company or brand ahead of your competitors. In less time. With a much smaller cost. Safer. Accuratica can guide you in all phases of the project to guarantee your outcomes.